Expo Conn3ct. The impact of the press and social media


What do Donald Trump’s tweets and the works of Erasmus have in common?
Thursday 22 June 2017 - Sunday 17 September 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00
Individual visitors

Printed books from the sixteenth century had an immense impact on people and society, just as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media do today. Antwerp played a prominent role as a centre of printing and was a kind of sixteenth-century Silicon Valley.

Old books, new media

Social media are ubiquitous, bombarding us with updates, snapchats and tweets. Five centuries ago, Luther wrote short pamphlets that were produced in a single day; his opponents did likewise. They set the presses rolling, triggered revolutions and divided the world into for and against.

What's the connection between Erasmus and social media?

The interactive exhibition Conn3ct compares and contrasts these two media forms. Nine multimedia consoles and fifty books from the early sixteenth century, showing the connection between the power of the press back then and the impact of the social media today. Find out how both printing and social media grew into mass media with unprecedented possibilities, and discover pamphlets and tweets as tools for the dissemination of ideas and polemics.

Go exploring in Conn3ct, activate the multimedia consoles and share your opinions and preferences with other visitors.

Practical information

International exhibition

Conn3ct is an initiative of Flanders Heritage Library and Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Nederlands, in co-operation with Limburg Provincial Library and the University of Antwerp, on the occasion of Flanders and the Nederlands serving as Guests of Honour at the Frankfurter Book Fair.

More information: conn3ct.media