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Pentekening piramide met citaat "Te stante virebo" uit 17de-eeuws liedboek


The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library spans more than five centuries of Antwerp and Flemish history. Its unique and complete collection encompasses rare old editions as well as more contemporary publications and popular, contemporary periodicals, on paper, microfilm or in digital form.

The collection is the result of a consistent collection policy, over several centuries. The library was established in 1481, following a donation of 41 books. Today it consists of more than 1.5 million volumes, including 40,000 early printed books that date from before 1830, on approximately 35 kilometres of bookshelves. The library is considered one of the best Flemish heritage collections, because of its comprehensive collection and its continuity.


The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library is the reference library for anyone interested in finding out more about Antwerp, Dutch literature or the Flemish cultural heritage.

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