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The Conscience-Lantslot

A rare gem

Earlier this year, the Medieval Manuscripts in Flemish Collections-project identified several fragments of a (post-)incunable of the famous Lanseloet van Denemerken in the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library. 'Een seer ghenoechlycke historie vanden edelen Lantslot ende die Schone Sandryen' is undoubtedly a valuable new addition to the library’s sizeable collection of Dutch literary treasures.

A Dog of Flanders

Recently, the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library could add some fine titles to its collection of A Dog of Flanders-publications, including a Japanese version of the Suske & Wiske-comic featuring Nello and Patrasche.

The trajectories of a sixteenth-century physician’s books

Upon opening a copy of the 1572 Venetian edition of Natale Conti’s Historiarum sui temporis libri decem, the ex-libris caught the attention of Dr. Nina Lamal. Opposite the title page of the book there was an engraved portrait of Alvarus Nonnius by Jan Wierix, dated 1586. In the following weeks, she came across the same portrait pasted in several other books in the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library. Her interest was piqued: she wanted to reconstruct Nonnius’ library and investigate how his books became part of the collection of the Conscience library. This short blog offers the first results of that quest.

Provenance research in the Conscience Library

Some books contain traces of earlier owners or users. These provenance marks can be used to research the way a book or text functioned in society, or to reconstruct the reading behaviour or book ownership of a person or a group of people.

Many marvellous histories

An anonymous 18th century manuscript has popped up

At Van De Wiele Auctions a remarkable eighteenth-century anonymous manuscript turned up earlier this year. It bears the title ‘Hier worden verhaelt veel wonderbaere gheschiedenissen’ [Herein many marvellous histories are told]. At the last minute, we were able to look into this manuscript and acquire it later on.


Opiniemedium met bijdrages over actuele onderwerpen aangaande binnen- en buitenlandse politiek, staats(her)vorming, mediakritiek, samenleving en identiteit.

Bibliographie de l'histoire de France

Omvat de verschillende gebieden van historisch onderzoek, en bevat artikelen, monografieën, collectieve werken, scripties en websites die betrekking hebben op de geschiedenis van Frankrijk van de 5e eeuw tot 1995.


Everyone should be able to easily use and view the information on the website of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, not least the visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired, deaf and persons with other disabilities. The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library strives to make its website as accessible as possible, by 2022 at the latest. We do this in accordance with the EU directives and the Flemish Administration Decree.

Porn, pulp & literature

Online exhibit

In December 2019, the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library presented an unknown and long-hidden part of Flemish literature and cultural history: pornographic literature with the exhibition "Porn, pulp & literature". View the online exhibition here.

A virtual visit to the Nottebohm Room

Hidden gem now available online

The Nottebohm Room is a true hidden gem. The first 150,000 items in the library’s catalogue are preserved here in this breath-taking, historical setting. The doors only swing open for exhibitions, lectures, concerts or guided tours. And when they do, it’s like a breath of magic. Until now. Now you can visit this magical room from home.