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How to order online

Some helpful instructions how to order online.

Stack request

Through the online catalogue you can place up to 7 external orders per day. If you are already on the premises of the reading room you can submit up to 30 orders per day (counting from the opening hour). The requested items will be kept for you at the main desk of the reading room for a period of 2 weeks (starting from the delivery time you have selected while placing your request).

When – after a search in the catalogue – the full bibliographic description of the item you need is displayed on the screen, you see an ORDER button at the top left corner of the screen.  Click on this button.  A new dialog box will appear.  Use your library card number as user name and your date of birth as password to log in.  An e-form to request items from the storeroom will appear.  Your personal information is already filled automatically.  Complete your order by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Always mark the checkbox of the shelf location (even when you only see one shelf location indicated).
  2. Choose a delivery time  from the pull-down menu.
  3. When you order a magazine or a newspaper, enter the requested period. You can only request consecutive dates of publication.
  4. If there is more than one shelf location indicated for a magazine or periodical, please select the correct shelf location.  Under each shelf location for a periodical or magazine you will notice – between brackets – the specific years stored on that location.
  5. If you order on the premises of the reading room, please enter a table number.
  6. Click the CONFIRMATION button to complete your order.

A confirmation message now appears, showing the specifics of your order and the selected lead time.  This can differ slightly from the real delivery time, depending on how busy it is at that moment. Please note that when you close this window, you are not logged out. To effectively log out, you need to click on the “log out” link in the red bar at the top right corner of the screen.

If you gave your e-mail address upon registration or renewal of your membership, you will receive a message as soon as the requested material is available.  You can follow up on your application through Reader information > Document applications (Lezergegevens > Documentaanvragen). A stack attendant will get the item from the stacks.  When your table number light starts blinking, you can collect the item at the reading room desk.

At the end of your visit you can request to put the items aside for a period of 2 weeks.  We keep the items in your name at the main desk of the reading room.  On your next visit you can immediately ask for these items at the desk and continue with your consultation.

You can order microfilms and CDs the same way as printed materials.