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Fellowship Programme

Early printed books in Antwerp

The Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library (Antwerp) are pleased to announce a fellowship programme for research into the history of the early printed book (15th-18th century) in Antwerp, with the gracious support of the “Thierry and Frédéric Nottebohm Grant” of the Nottebohm Family Foundation.

In 2019 we are able to offer two short-term grants, with a minimum duration of two weeks. These grants are intended to allow scholars to travel to Antwerp to perform research on the collections of both institutions. Information about the collections can be found on the respective websites of the Museum Plantin-Moretus and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library.

Who is eligible to apply?

The research grants are open to anyone, including early career scholars, independent researchers and established scholars. However, grants are not available for persons living within 250 km of Antwerp. Applicants living in Europe can request up to 2000 €, applicants living outside of Europe can request up to 3000 €. The grant can only be used for transportation and accommodation.

What do we expect?

Grant holders will be asked to write a short article or be interviewed for public outreach (website, newsletter, social media) by the institutions. Grant holders will be asked to conduct an on-site workshop with their research materials for students and researchers of Antwerp University.

Grant holders are to mention the grant in all publications, including articles, books, book chapters, presentations, or posters, based on research performed with the grant’s support. A copy (print/electronic) of publications based on research performed with the grant’s support is to be submitted to the institutions for their collections.

Collection specialists of the Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library will support the grant holder in his/her research. This includes an intake interview, a personal introduction to the collections and the available instruments, and regular feedback sessions. If desired, the Antwerp University Housing Office can assist with finding accommodation.

How to apply?

Applications (in English) should contain:

  1. Curriculum vitae of the applicant, with a bibliography of relevant publications;
  2. Two letters of recommendation. It is stressed that these letters should rather be signed by persons who have a good knowledge of the research domain, than by persons high in the hierarchy;
  3. A research proposal of no less than 750 and no more than 1500 words. The research proposal should contain an indication of the items or collections that will be used, the research questions the applicant intends to answer, the methods that will be used, and an indication of the time the researcher will be spending in Antwerp;
  4. A budget proposal of how the allocated funds will be used. Note that only transportation and accommodation costs will be funded.

Applications should be sent to Steven Van Impe before the deadline of September 1st 2019. Applications will be judged by a jury consisting of prof. dr. Hubert Meeus (Antwerp University, Department of Literature), prof. dr. Pierre Delsaerdt (Antwerp University, Department of History), dr. Dirk Imhof (Plantin-Moretus Museum, collection specialist) and Steven Van Impe (Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, collection specialist).

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by October 1st, 2019. Successful applicants will sign a contract with the funding body to become a grant holder. Successful applicants are expected to perform their research within one year after the acceptance. The grant will be paid after the conclusion of the research period, based on a written report (1000-2500 words) and proof of costs for each item on the budget.