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Sfeerbeeld mensenhanden bladeren door openliggende oude druk.

Travel grant brings Ashley Gonik (Harvard University) to Antwerp

Three research vlogs

In 2019, Ashley Gonik received a travel grant from the Nottebohm Foundation to conduct research on the collections of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library and the Plantin-Moretus Museum. Are you curious about the life of an American researcher in Antwerp? In three short research vlogs she tells about her journey, research and experiences.

Ashley Gonik (Harvard University, Massachusetts) wanted to find out who was responsible for the creation of tables in early modern books. Was it the authors or rather the typesetters and printers who determined how they would look? What techniques were used to illustrate scientific publications? To find out, she studied dozens of sixteenth-century books closely. Research in the archives of the Officina Plantiniana yielded additional data on the wages paid for typesetting and printing these complex publications. She tells all about it in the videos below.