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Verhoeven newspapers digitized

The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library has a large collection of newspapers, dating from one of the earliest newspapers published in the Netherlands (1619) to today’s Belgian newspapers. A highlight is the collection of early newspapers published by the Antwerp engraver and printer Abraham Verhoeven (1575-1652). All of Verhoeven’s publications in our collection have been digitized.

To further promote the use of this important source, we have digitized every Verhoeven publication in our collection, about 400 titles. This includes almost all issues of the ‘Nieuwe Tijdinghen’ for the years 1620-1621, some later issues, and other publications printed by Abraham Verhoeven. Click here to see the full list in our catalogue, or browse the digital collection immediately on our digital platform.

Starting in 1620, Verhoeven published his ‘Nieuwe Tijdinghen’ until 1629. Verhoevens newspapers were very different from other newspapers in this period. For one thing, they are illustrated and have eyecatching titles, whereas his competitors’ publications look extremely bland. Unlike other newspapers, the ‘Nieuwe Tijdinghen’ were proudly partisan, supporting the catholic Habsburg government of the Southern Low Countries and ridiculing the protestant ‘rebels’ or the Dutch Republic. Verhoeven received financial support and legal protection from the government of the Archdukes, in the form of an exclusive monopoly on printed news. His newspaper has been studied as part of the Habsburg propaganda machine.

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