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Foto: Ans Brys

The Nottebohm Room

As well as being used for book storage and as an exhibition space, the Nottebohm Room is also the place where some of the highlights of the collection are kept. Normally it is only open during tours, activities or other events. But during the summer of 2024 you can also discover the magic of this unique place on your own.

De magische Nottebohmzaal van de Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience

The Nottebohm Room is open to individual visitors from June 15 until September 15, 2024

The Nottebohm Room is a hidden gem. This prestigious library space shines in all its facets. And from this summer you can also discover the magic of this unique place in the heart of Antwerp on your own.

Guided tour behind the scenes

For groups

Take a look behind the scenes of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library with your group or association and learn more about our fascinating history and comprehensive collection.

A virtual visit to the Nottebohm Room

Hidden gem now available online

The Nottebohm Room is a true hidden gem. The first 150,000 items in the library’s catalogue are preserved here in this breath-taking, historical setting. The doors only swing open for exhibitions, lectures, concerts or guided tours. And when they do, it’s like a breath of magic. Until now. Now you can visit this magical room from home.