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Making reproductions

You may scan, copy or photograph some items from our collection yourself. Alternatively, you can request a high-quality scan from our reproduction service.

Certain items may be copied, scanned or photographed. Please note that this is not permitted for complete books or periodicals covered by copyright.

Photocopying and printing

To make photocopies you will need your library card, on which you can put credit at the microfilm reading room counter. Make sure you have enough cash with you, as this is the only accepted form of payment. A copy in A4 or A3 format costs 0.15 euros.

You may also print directly from the reading room computers, book scanners and microfilm readers. These prints also cost 0.15 euros per page.

In order to preserve the collection, the following materials may not be copied:

  • books and periodicals published before 1945
  • bound newspapers
  • items which are very heavy or larger than A3
  • manuscripts and other very precious or rare works (preciosa)
  • maps and atlases
  • loose-leaf items and items with loose plates
  • damaged items


Some of the items that you may not copy can be digitised using the book scanner in the reading room. You may save the scan to a USB stick free of charge or make a black and white print of it (0.15 euros per page).

Precious, very large or damaged items may not be scanned.


All items may be photographed without a flash. You must bring in your own camera for the purpose. If you wish to publish the photographs, you must request permission from the director of the library.